Gluten Free Mississippi Mud Pie

My husband’s favourite pie to me is not a real pie – no fruit, no flaky crust…instead it’s probably a bakers worst nightmare – all  processed…but you know what?! It is pretty delicious! 

It’s simple to whip together and the layers all compliment each other. Plus I have found it to be a hit dessert to take to gatherings! Even my dad who at first turned his nose up at such a dessert is now a believer! He even asks for a second piece! 

Mississippi Mud Pie Recipe 


2 cups Gluten free graham wafer crumbs 

1/2 -1 cup butter 

1 pack cream cheese softened

1 container cool whip 

1 cup icing sugar 

1 – 4 serving instant vanilla pudding

1 – 4 serving instant chocolate pudding 

3 cups milk 

1) I was only able to find the gluten free graham crackers this time so I had to turn them into cookie crumbs to make the crust. We like a solid layer of crust so I used the whole box of crackers. 

2) first layer: combine the graham wafer crumbs with atleast 1/2 cup of melted butter. Press it into a 9×13 pan and chill (sit in the fridge while you prepare the next layer) It should be a nice consistency that easily can be patted down. I pat down the mixture with a fork.  Remember the more butter you add the harder the crust will be once it’s cooled. 

3) second layer: whip the softened cream cheese with 2 cups cool whip. Then whip in the icing sugar. Spread this mixture over the crumb crust. chill in the fridge while making the next layer. 

I use a spatula to get all of the cream cheese mixture from the bowl 

To easily smooth out and get an even coating over the graham crackers I use a butter knife. 

See how smooth a butter knife can make it?

5) third layer: mix the milk, vanilla pudding and chocolate pudding together. Then spread over the second layer. Chill in the fridge for atleast 10 minutes. 


6) I use a spoon to spread out evenly the pudding mixture.  

7)  fourth layer: spread out the rest of the cool whip over the third layer. I like to sprinkle semi sweet chocolate shavings on top. I use a small grater. 

8) And then put back in the fridge for a few hours to set! Enjoy!! 

 Let me know if this becomes a family favourite in your home! 


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