Review: The Spice Tailor Classic Butter Chicken

My coworker raved about this grocery store versatile Indian sauce package.

I’m a huge butter chicken fan and couldn’t wait to try!

I started as directed by putting the seasoning pack first in the fry pan but instead of using oil, as requested, I put in a good heaping 1 table spoon of butter.

Then threw in my 2 diced chicken breasts. I added an extra 1 table spoon of butter while cooking the chicken.

I Stirred in the main sauce once the chicken was almost cooked and simmered until meat is cooked through

I added diced red peppers. I threw them in at the end

The flavour was delicious. I served with rice. With the left overs (enough for my lunch) I added some cilantro – which I have to say the next day- I’m glad I did! The next time I make it – I’ll be adding some cilantro

Highly recommend this butter chicken sauce – authentic flavour and easy & quick to make! The whole family will love!

**This review was not sponsored **


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