Gluten Free Pad Thai (blue dragon review)

While shopping at Costco there was a pop up Blue Dragon booth. I decided on trying their gluten free pad Thai mix.

They promote their products as being authentic and I was hopeful but also slightly curious to see if it was as good as they claim.

The Costco deal was 3 packages. I didn’t believe by the small size that one package served 2. I was correct. One package per person for a nice size serving.

The kit includes: sauce, crushed peanuts, herbs and noodles.

I started by boiling water with a dash of salt and olive oil. Cooking the noodles as per package directions.

I started cooking sliced chicken with a teaspoon of olive oil and sesame seed oil.

Then I drained the oil from the chicken and added shrimp.

As per package instructions I added the Pad Thai sauce. Simmered for one minute

Then I added in the noodles.

I mixed well and simmered for another minute.

I added in the herb and crushed peanut packets. Mixed well. Heated for another minute.

Then served. Everyone loved the flavours and taste. Even our 3 year old!!

I will be buying this Blue Dragon pad Thai kit again!!