Mommy Makeup

Since giving birth 8 months ago my makeup routine has drasticly changed or maybe I should say adjusted! 

I’m not sure when I got into the habit of having makeup on before going out anywhere…I don’t remember caring about makeup in high school – but I do remember loving lip gloss! 

In university getting all done up to head out for an evening of fun was the thing and maybe it just progressed from there…

I like how foundation smooths out and evens my skin tone; I love playing up my eyes and how even a simple lip gloss can refresh or perk up a look. 

Growing up my mom’s makeup routine was wearing lipstick. I remember when I was young always watching my mom put on lipstick – before going out lipstick was needed and she always says “I feel naked without my lipstick”

I feel naked without my makeup or rather “my face” as I and my family call it! 

“We can’t go until I put my face on” 

So I didn’t really appreciate or realize the time I took to put my face on – that quickly changed having a baby. I have had to adjust  but I still look polished or should I say put together in 10 minutes or less 

Face cream 


Aveeno Face Cream has been my go to cream way before Jennifer Aniston started promoting it. It’s lightweight while keeping my skin hydrated. Plus the added Natural Light Diffusers helps give a bit of sparkle for days I choose to go makeupless   



Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24h foundation is amazing! Let me count the ways – full coverage but light feeling. It goes on smooth and effortlessly for perfecting blending to look natural. 

What I love most about this foundation is the staying power- you can workout and sweat wearing it and no need for touch ups after! I loved being able to go to the gym at lunch then return straight to work. 

I put it to a true test when I went into labour unexpectedly at 36weeks – had my face on all day at work, went into labour later that evening and over 24hours later my foundation was still going strong! I even had the nurses asking me what I use for foundation as even they were impressed! 



To set the foundation I use Lancôme Dual Finish Powder. Sometimes if I don’t have time for foundation I will just brush this on for a sheer look. 



Sometimes I choose to just put mascara on but I like choosing a light off white to beige eye makeup colour to brighten my eyes – especially if I’m feeling or looking tired. 

As you can tell from my picture – you can tell which shades I use most!! 



 I have naturally thick eyelashes but mascara helps extend the length and intensify the thickness. I haven’t always been a fan of mascara as I always found no matter the promise of wet and smudge proof, low and behold as the day went on I would get mascara smudges under my eyes. Then my estitician introduced me to Blinc mascara – I’ve faithfully and happily been using this brand for the last couple of years! 

What makes Blinc mascara unique as it “tubes” your lashes and won’t come off without warm water and gentle massage! 


Way back when I use to use lip liners, lipstick then gloss! I am a huge fan of the lipstick markers/stain followed by my favourite Lancôme juicy gloss.  

And presto my makeup routine to get out the door with baby in tow is now about 10minutes! It’s a fresh simple makeup look now – perfect for the on-the-go Mommy! 

What are your tricks and tips for looking fresh faced since becoming a mom?