Tastey Homemade Popcorn!

Popcorn is so tastey on so many levels! Its a crunchy, buttery, salty delight! Who can go to the movies and not buy a bag of popcorn (with added butter of course!) I am not a fan of store bought popcorn – it always seems like it is missing something. I use to use an air popper to make homemade popcorn. And then my sister-in-law told me about making it in a pot with coconut oil. She promised me it would taste “as good as the stuff from the movie theatre.” I wasn’t so sure – but with some trial and error it is as good if not better than the “stuff from the movie theatre.”

Popcorn is a well loved food. It is promoted as a low calorie, high fibre food. Its easy to make and a simple snack that everyone enjoys!

Coconut oil is perplexing. Its hard to know which brand is best. I have bought some based on the pretty packaging, other times it is based on price. Many never seem to even have a smell of coconut and sometimes I wonder if it is even really 100% coconut oil. At first I never noticed the big deal with making popcorn with coconut oil…but that all changed with the right coconut oil!

I recently purchased PC virgin coconut oil. One reason I selected it was that it was on sale for only $11 for a 860ml jar. A great bargain compared to the other options at the grocery store. When I opened it, I instantly smelled wonderful coconut. And the hint of coconut was evident on the popcorn – it is as good if not better as the “stuff from the movie theatre.

Homemade Popcorn Recipe:

You need: Coconut oil, popcorn, medium sized pot, salt & butter (optional)

1) Put a good scoop of coconut oil in the medium sized pot. (approximately 1/3 cup) you want enough to coat the bottom. A bit extra is fine as it will just help give the popcorn flavour and some coating. Add one popcorn kernel in the pot. Turn the stove on to medium-high heat to melt the oil and to get the kernel to pop. Dont forget to put the lid on it!


2) Once the kernel pops it means the pot is hot enough to make popcorn! Put a layer of popcorn kernels in the pot and cover. let it pop away until it popping slows to almost stops. Turn off the stove and remove from heat.


3) Pour pot of popcorn in a bowl. Season as desired. I still like to add a bit of salt and melted butter 🙂